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You can order SOMAPOLIS, the new album from Sweet Billy Pilgrim, here.

"Made with obvious love and drive, this is both intelligent and felt, the dream/ideal of the 80s new pop fully realised."
Chris Roberts, Prog Magazine


Jana and Tim


Sweet Billy Pilgrim are an entirely independent band. At our shows, lovely people asked us about how we continue do this, and what they could do to help, and we umm-ed and ahh-ed apologetically, thanked them for their already generous contributions and awkwardly tried to sidestep their kindness.

Well, we love making music and we want to keep doing it, but now Covid has visited, things have got even trickier so we're going to ask again. If you could spare a few pounds monthly to help us out, please click on the link above and we shall pay small tribute by writing your name on the things that we release, and by loving you in all the legal, comfortable and appropriate ways that we can.

To those already subscribed; you are genuinely helping us to make music in the way that we want to, and your fingerprints are all over what we do. May we never remove them with a lint-free cloth. We're sorry for the somewhat sporadic updates, but we're guessing that you'd rather we were actually making music than just talking about making music on the internet.

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22nd September 2023: Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury - GET TICKETS

21st December 2023: St. Mary's Church, Guildford - GET TICKETS

Jana and Tim

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